Up and Running!

Feels good to have the Distance Demons up and running in Asheville, as the youth program of the Asheville Track Club. My wife and I are new to the area. The Distance Demons was my main community service gig and hobby in Wisconsin for fifteen years, so I am replicating that successful model here. I love working with kids, they help keep me young (in my head, at least).

Kids love to run, with or without our permission! It just comes naturally--energy, motion, the wind in their face. They find joy in all that and, as they grow, even some joy in things like adrenaline and competition. We humans are wired that way. Just watch young runners at any kids race!

Now that there is a Distance Demons club in Western North Carolina, we hope lots of kids come running. Fitness and health are everything and, after all, young runners are our running future!


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