"Through Distance Demons, I have met so many friends that I'll have forever, and I will remember the countless memories I have with the team forever....Thank you for the experience of a lifetime."

- Bailey [All-American cross country and track, and on to college running]


"Thanks Coach for all the advice you give me. It helps me run a lot better!"

- Drew [All-American]


"Jay, thank you so much for all the time you spend with these kids! They will never forget you. Nor will we."

- The Sigmunds


"Dear Coach, thanks for planning our workouts, helping with my form, and for being such a fantastic coach."

- Jake


"Jay, we love you!  You are constantly engaged in running. We are blessed to have a coach as focused as you are. Your experience and energy are youthful. I want to sing your praises and hope that you are appreciated by our crazy youth. They need to understand the true commitment you are giving and the gift you want them to unleash."

- Beth B. 






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